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Sapphire 960Q

Brilliant Colors. Weaving Memories.

One of our top of the line sewing machines, the SAPPHIRE™ 960Q, offers unique features to assist you and guide you through your sewing adventure. On top of that it has a radiant Interactive Color Touch Screen. Use your stylus to navigate between the different menus. Most of the settings are automatically made by the machine itself based on what fabric or stitch you choose from. It's that easy! You just focus on what you love to do! Sewing!


User-friendly innovation

  • The radiant Interactive Color Touch Screen allows you to navigate easily through the numerous sewing and programming screens.
  • Improve your straight stitches while using the straight stitch plate. It comes with innovative sensor technology.
  • You're able to do free motion sewing with any stitch.


Brilliant capability

  • The side-motion sewing allows you to create astonishing stitches and are able to go up to 36mm wide.
  • With a larger area to the right of the needle ensures you're able to sew larger quilts or projects. It's nearly 10" or 255mm.
  • With over 300 hundred of 7mm stitches, specialty stitches, and up to five font styles.


Clever convenience

  • The Exclusive Sensor System technology allows your machine automatically adjust depending on the thickness of the fabric for perfect fabric feed.
  • The Exclusive Sewing Advisor allows you to sew right away.
  • No more having to manually cut the thread! One button will do it for you.
  • Tension is set automatically for all stitches and techniques.



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