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PFAFF 6D Basic Embroidery Software

Embroidery Intelligence. Inspired Design.

6D Embroidery provides great possibilities to design your ideas! Adjust, monogram, personalize and combine your embroideries with an endless number of designs and lettering options.


At your fingertips — Touch Gestures:

On Windows® 8 touchscreens, use pinch Zoom, Autoscroll, and Select and Move. Special Resize and Rotate features are also available in 6D™ Embroidery and 6D™ Stitch Editor Plus.

Real-world View:
Create, edit, and display designs in true three-dimensional reality with Life View. Watch Solar Active and Glow in the Dark threads change, and preview designs with special techniques such as Puffy Foam, twin needle and dual threads! Also audition your projects to the last detail. Preview your designs on textured backgrounds or real-life fabrics and garments and watch them “stitching” on screen with the Design Player.

Choose Colors:
View your threads including metallic, multicolor and varying thicknesses in your preferred real-life hoop. Design with your choice of over 16,000 threads, even specialty threads, from 33 manufacturers or design multiple personal MyThreads palettes. Adjust color tone, brightness and contrast to automatically select new threads.

Multi-Part Design Saving:
Design parts stay separate when you save, open and copy, allowing individual parts of a design to be modified after saving. Easily load and save most popular embroidery formats; Export is optimized for sewing. It’s also quick and easy to send an embroidery to your connected PFAFF® embroidery machine.

Education Tools and Resources:
Friendly, helpful tooltips and extensive program help are built right in, plus Comprehensive User’s Guides and an Online Learning Center. You will automatically receive the latest tools and improvements with Smart Update.



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