Vintage Chic Event

Vintage Chic combines the nostalgic look of hand embroidery but with today’s technology. It’s vintage like your great-grandmother’s hand stitched linens but it’s also relevant and popular for today’s fashions. You’ve seen the look at big box retailers—on men’s wear, women’s apparel and even teens’ and baby accessories.

Until now you’ve not been able to mimic this look with an
embroidery machine. But when you attend the Vintage Chic
event, you’ll learn how to create this look on your own!

• Unmask the secrets to embroidering on prints, nubby knits
and smooth satins.
• Bold topstitching
• Get excellent stitch formation
• Learn how to work with heavy thread and duplicate the
popular matte finish
• You’ll love the open work of the stitches and enjoy the low
stitch count – so fabric friendly!
• Large designs with big impact – minimal color changes
mean fast stitching
• Textured patches just like in ready-wear
• Learn how to use the Vintage Software to embellish everything
from home décor to clothing for the family.
• Enjoy color therapy designs – no two are alike – play with
fibers and markers for unique results
• Continuous borders – learn the DIME way and achieve flawless
borders every time
• Create textured embroidery designs and patches

This 4-hour lecture demo includes interactive student hands-on
Skill Level:

Vintage Chic Event

$ 29.00

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